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Smoking marijuana may make sperm lethargic

Smoking marijuana may make sperm lethargic

Every time a person abuses any kind of drugs, he or she enhances the risk of developing serious physical and psychological damages. Illicit drugs, often adulterated with numerous toxic solvents, are associated with a host of complications like organ damage, respiratory issues, different types of cancers, overdose and death in the worst scenario.

While most of the chronic illnesses inflicted by drugs take some time to manifest, the effects on fertility are immediate. Similarly, numerous studies have documented that the abuse of marijuana lowers the sperm count by almost a third. Moreover, it also affects the sperm mobility. This will eventually lead to negative consequences on the male fertility. In fact, even occasional abuse of marijuana is capable of lowering the quality of sperm. Unlike women, men create new sperms on a daily basis.

Since the fertility process is more difficult than believed, the males are capable of delivering a low level of sperm to females during sexual intercourse. Therefore, medical practitioners have warned both males and females to avoid marijuana to ensure pregnancy.

Repercussions of weed on the male reproductive function

Though there have been limited studies on the impact of cannabis on humans, some of the animal studies have highlighted that the chronic use of marijuana impacts testosterone levels by slowing down sperm maturation, reducing sperm count and motility and raising the number of sperm with abnormalities. However, the results are comparatively more diverse in humans.

Since it plays a crucial role in driving sexual functioning, including making sperms and supporting erections, the lower levels of testosterone due to marijuana can affect the ability of making babies. The level of consequence depends on the amount of weed smoked. Since the impact on testosterone is temporary in nature, one can regain the normal testosterone levels by quitting marijuana. In fact, Dr. Victor Chow from the University of British Columbia highlighted that marijuana probably has a negative impact on the sperm function  by making the sperms ‘mellow’ and causing them to swim in circles.

A 2003 study, conducted by the University Of Buffalo School Of Medicine at Biomedical Sciences, found that smoking weed could cause a dramatic effect on the behavior of sperms. The sperms of men who smoke marijuana experience the state of hyperactivation immediately after being ejaculated. They swim rapidly before they reach the cervix or the rest of the reproductive tract, which means that the sperms get tired before they reach the egg. However, in men who do not smoke cannabis, their sperms are relatively less lethargic at the time of ejaculation.

The risk of witnessing poor fertility and sexual functioning persists even when women take cannabis. In such females, the active ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol of marijuana gets stored in the reproductive organs and vaginal fluids of women. When sperms are exposed to THC stored in a woman’s body, the repercussions are quite similar to those mentioned above. In addition, it increases a woman’s vulnerability during pregnancy, causing numerous developmental defects and poor fetal growth. These effects can also occur due to secondhand smoke.

Another study from the University of Copenhagen assessed 1,215 men aged 18 to 28  years and found that smoking marijuana lowered the sperm count more than once in a week by around one-third compared to others. The chemicals present in cannabis can mess up with sperm’s ability to reach the egg. Sperm has to discharge certain enzymes that allow them to get into the egg’s barrier wall. However, THC can stop the sperm from being able to perform this activity.

Get rid of drugs for a healthy life

Educating people about the dangers of abusing marijuana is an effective way to reduce the impact of such an illicit drug in the future. The policymakers and prevention specialists should understand the  risks associated with marijuana use and take necessary strategies to prevent the potential consequences to a person’s health and well-being.

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