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Addiction treatment approaches - 2: Advantages of family inclusion while treating addiction

Addiction treatment approaches – 2: Advantages of family inclusion while treating addiction

The overall impact of addiction extends considerably beyond just the user. It affects not only the user but also the entire family in several ways. The entire family dynamics can take a turn for the worse when the members discover that a loved one has developed a drug addiction. Some of the impacts of drug addiction on the family include frequent altercations, domestic violence, assault, emotional dysfunction, etc.

On one hand, the loved one might be busy consuming drugs and as a result remain distant from the worries of the family. On the other hand, the family members are constantly worried about their loved one’s health, safety and future. The family members have to cope with the risk that accidents, arrests, overdose and in extreme cases even death are not a distant possibility anymore. Since these developments can be extremely difficult for the family members to adjust to, they may even unconsciously start blaming and shunning the user even when the intention harbored by them mean well.

Although addiction can drive a wedge and divide families, particularly when the user is asked to abandon his or her drug abusing behavior, the support of the family is crucial. In fact, many individuals grappling with the problem of addiction are able to undergo the challenges of treatment because of the support and interventions extended by the family members.

In order to spread awareness, the current article, discusses the benefits of family inclusion in a loved one’s addiction treatment.

Solutions lie in meeting halfway

The stigma attached to addiction has laid the breeding grounds for misconception to thrive. Many individuals or families may not understand that addiction is a disease comprising a recovery process that entails lifelong adherence to sobriety.

To effectively support the loved one throughout the recovery process, the family members need to put in a lot of effort and sensitize themselves to wholly understand the nature of addiction. Otherwise, the danger of a relapse looms over the loved one’s head, lest he or she has to go through the demanding treatment process and come back to a family where none understands his or her challenges.

Fortunately, the family can play an active role in the entire treatment process of their loved ones and in confronting them about their addiction. A family’s tender care and support act as a bulwark against any kind of cravings among the users, as well as assists in their emotional, mental and physical well-being. In addition, they have the option to rebuild broken ties and learn to trust by seeking family counseling and therapy.

The treatment for addiction is a complicated process and takes much effort and time. When a family takes up the cause to assist in a loved one’s recovery, they enhance the family support system and help the loved one in making better choices and decisions that are not only applicable to drugs but also hold true for other important facets, such as school, work, family, etc. Similarly, counseling and therapy for family members encourage and empower them to remain united in such tough times and follow effective strategies that are required to ensure complete recovery and lifelong changes in the behavior of the loved one addicted to drugs.

Additionally, they can assist in recovery management by ensuring adherence to sobriety, medicine regimens, etc. With the unified efforts of the loved ones, their family and treatment, the recovery process amplifies, relapse rates lower significantly and family ties strengthens. It just goes to show that the involvement of the family in a loved one’s recovery cannot be underrated.

Don’t make drug use your habit

Drug abuse and addiction can be holistically treated and managed; however, there is no one-size-fits-all intervention. Every patient’s addiction is unique; therefore, their treatment should be tailored according to their needs. However, the rate of recovery is augmented with the family support.

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