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Emerging trends and patterns of abuse of dangerous street drugs

Emerging trends and patterns of abuse of dangerous street drugs

There has been a continuous rise in the cases of drug overdose deaths in the United States in the recent years. The prevalence of news reports of people being found passed out in the streets, usually due to apparent drug overdose, only tell the state of opioid and heroin epidemic devastating the nation. While the use of prescription opioids and illicit drugs is rising rapidly, there has been an increase in the use of more potent and unknown drugs.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has identified two new fentanyl analogues – acryl fentanyl and tetrahydrofuran fentanyl – both highly dangerous. Fentanyl is said to be nearly 40 times more potent than heroin and about 100 times more powerful than morphine. Pharmaceutical fentanyl can be illegally diverted for misuse and abuse. Authorities have also identified instances of counterfeit oxycodone being disguised in pills and sold to gullible users.

Yellow pills containing fentanyl causes death

Recently, there have been many reports of opioid overdose causing emergency room visits, and even death in some cases, in Georgia. Several of those under treatment admitted swallowing yellow pills that had drastic effects. According to Dr. Gaylord Lopez, director of Georgia Poison Center, most victims of the new drug arrived at the hospital unconscious and while some required medical equipment to breathe, others required heavy doses of overdose-reversing drugs like naloxone.

The authorities believed that the pills were introduced into the market from parts of central and South Georgia and feared that it might have spread to other parts of the country as well. On further examination, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s crime lab discovered traces of fentanyl and other potent drugs. After studying other drug overdose cases in the city of Albamy, investigations revealed that a pain medication, Percocet, was being sold on the street. The side effects include loss of consciousness and respiratory failure.

Following such reports from various other states, authorities have ramped up their efforts, where New York City has warned the residents that fentanyl has been increasingly responsible in cocaine-related overdose deaths. In 2016, nearly 44 percent drug overdose deaths involved fentanyl. Apart from public outreach and awareness campaigns, harm reduction measures should be taken to prevent more incidents of a fatal overdose.

It will require a collective approach that would include efforts at the legislative and community level in order to effectively tackle this problem. A positive step has been taken in this direction by the Georgia General Assembly banning the substance acryl fentanyl in the state effective from April 17, 2017.

Free your life from drugs

Drug addiction usually starts with occasional use that soon turns into a serious habit. As the individual becomes more dependent on the drug, the brain’s reward system changes, resulting in more frequent cravings which can have a negative impact on the individual’s ability to function at home, at work or in school. Drug addiction should be treated at the earliest through treatment programs that include pharmacological and psychological interventions.

If you or your loved one is addicted to any drug, the Texas Drug Addiction Treatment can connect you to state-of-the-art addiction treatment centers that provide holistic recovery programs on your journey towards sobriety. Call at our  24/7 helpline (855) 980-5757 to get details about various drug addiction treatment centers in Texas. You can also chat online with a representative for information on the finest drug rehabilitation centers in Texas.

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